Carl Milles: Sculpture

“Carl Milles [is] acknowledged as the greatest Swedish sculptor of the 20th century.”

– Adam Dutkiewicz, Adelaide Metropolitan

“Milles mastered many forms of sculpting—from his first rough-hewed works influenced by Rodin, to later classical figures influenced by Greek and Roman sculpture and finally totally modern works.”

– Priscilla Fleming Vayda, San Gabriel Valley Newspapers

A Carl Milles retrospective of more than 40 sculptures, this exhibition traveled to venues in Australia, Canada, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, Russia, and Italy, among others. International Arts & Artists presented this extraordinary exhibition to venues in the U.S. and Canada.

A highly sought-after sculptor in Sweden and abroad, Milles was a dominant figure in the Swedish art world during the first half of the 20th century.

“Carl Milles may be described as a traditional as well as an innovative artist. In his choice of motifs he was traditional. Ancient Greek, Roman and Christian mythology as well as Swedish history were often his sources of inspiration. His art was always figurative and often narrative. The innovation was to be found in his personal interpretation of the motifs and that he, especially in his later years, raised up the sculptures, and with the aid of hidden steel constructions had them appear to be floating in the air.”
—Excerpt from

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