About the J-1 Visa

IA&A supports the next generation of creative leaders through educational and cultural exchanges in the arts. Through the Exchange Visitor Program, we provide exchange opportunities and visa assistance for students, professionals, artists, and researchers from around the world participating in programs across the United States. We are a designated J-1 visa sponsor and work specifically with American museums, arts institutions, cultural organizations, and design firms.

The J-1 visa allows exchange visitors to complete internships, training programs, research projects, or residency programs in the United States. Programs can range in length from three weeks to five years, depending on the J-1 visa category for which the exchange visitor is eligible.

As a J-1 visa sponsor, IA&A is responsible for reviewing exchange visitors’ prior experience to ensure they meet the visa’s requirements. We also issue the J-1 visa forms that the exchange visitor must take with them when they attend their visa interview at an American embassy or consulate abroad.



Learn more about the eligibility requirements for the different J-1 visa categories. IA&A sponsors interns, trainees, short-term scholars, and research scholars.



From submitting an online application to attending the visa interview, learn more about the J-1 visa application process.



Learn more about completing your program evaluations, traveling outside the United States, extending your stay, and more.