Propose An Exhibition

International Arts & Artists’ (IA&A) Traveling Exhibitions Service develops and circulates exhibitions of numerous disciplines, styles, and media that are designed for museums and cultural institutions of various sizes in the U.S. and abroad. Exhibitions toured by IA&A range from retrospectives, international, modern and contemporary fine art; to sculpture, decorative arts and antiques, costume, craft and design.

IA&A’s Traveling Exhibitions Service continually seeks opportunities to collaborate and accepts proposals from museums, foundations, curators, and other relevant sources throughout the year to develop, market, and tour exhibitions derived from museum collections, public and private collections, as well as curatorial research. Visit our exhibitions page to see examples of current and past offerings and a list of our partners.

The proposal committee meets on a monthly basis to review submissions and to consider specific criteria when selecting which proposals to pursue. Our exhibitions are planned a minimum of two years in advance.


IA&A’s criteria for consideration when accepting incoming proposals:

– Accessibility of works and themes to a broad audience

– The prominence of the works/artists being proposed

– Similarity of content to any recently presented exhibitions with particular focus on those that have traveled

– The relevance of themes to current museum trends and interests, balanced against the estimated costs for participating venues

– Time frame during which the exhibition objects are available for tour

– Lead time available to develop the exhibition

Proposal Form

To submit an exhibition, please download and complete our Proposal Form:  CLICK HERE.

The following should be submitted:

  • A completed proposal form
  • Exhibition narrative
  • Illustrated checklist

If you have questions please contact:

Anne Timpano, Director, Traveling Exhibition Service

If you are a contemporary artist looking to exhibit your work, please visit our Washington D.C contemporary art gallery, Hillyer Art Space for information and submission guidelines.