About Traveling Exhibitions

Foremost among its programs, IA&A’s Traveling Exhibition Service develops and circulates visual arts exhibitions designed for both large and small museums and other cultural institutions in the US and abroad. Currently, IA&A produces the largest number of traveling art exhibitions in the US, with over 20 exhibitions being actively circulated or in development.  IA&A has scheduled more than 700 exhibition presentations in museums and cultural institutions in all 50 states and numerous foreign countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Japan, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Our exhibitions reflect a broad and dynamic range of art in all disciplines, styles, and media, including works from international and American artists, as well as works from significant collections and art movements. IA&A works with distinguished museums and institutions from around the world to develop exhibitions that are informative and engaging for a multitude of audiences. Moreover, our generous array of exhibition topics serves museums with diverse needs as well as those whose limitations in capacity, resources, or opportunity would otherwise prevent them from offering such varied and high quality exhibitions to their communities.

IA&A has provided cross-cultural experiences for millions of people by bringing to their local museums the art of Australia, Austria, Cuba, the Czech Republic, France, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, the Netherlands, Sweden, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, and other cultures. We aspire to continue developing exhibitions with aesthetic value that enhance appreciation and understanding of the diverse cultures, both past and present, that have shaped the world around us.