International Arts & Artists (IA&A) developed the International Partnership Initiative (IPI) in 2013 to prioritize international work between U.S. arts institutions and their counterparts abroad by creating a forum for discussion and discovery among leaders in the arts, academic, diplomatic, and policy communities. IPI’s research and programming facilitates cross-cultural understanding and builds stronger ties through global partnerships in the arts.


IPI’s events bring together experts from the arts, policy, diplomatic, and academic communities to discuss international cultural engagement. The Art in Context series showcases artists and artwork in the broadest social, economic, and political context in which they exist. IA&A’s leadership lunches bring together senior executives from visual and performing arts institutions to explore the opportunities and challenges in building international partnerships. Finally, mentoring events provide arts managers and policy experts the chance to share advice and build their network. Click here for more information on recent events.


IA&A recently surveyed U.S. museum directors in a study of current museum priorities and future projects with international partners. The survey’s aim was to better understand what international cultural engagement means to art museums in the U.S. and what priorities art museums hold. The survey asked directors of a random sample of U.S. art museums about past international activities, current priorities, and future intentions of their museums, thus establishing the depth of international work conducted by museums and the current extent of art museums’ role in U.S. international engagement.

Upcoming Events
Art in Context - Italy (2017)

May 18, 2017
6:00pm to 8:00pm
IA&A’s Hillyer Art Space


Recent Events
Art in Context - Taiwan (2017)