David Furchgott, President  email
Allison Nance, Director, Hillyer Art Space  email

Christine Pembroke, Director, Administration and Finance  email

Jennifer Schrock, Director, Cultural Exchange Programs  email

Anne Timpano, Director, Traveling Exhibition Service  email

Operations and Administration

Henriette Akamba Akono, Financial Manager  email

Seth Dorcus, Development Coordinator  email

Traveling Exhibition Service

Elizabeth Wilson, Assistant Director of Traveling Exhibition Service & Head Registrar  email

Lindsay Goodwin, Exhibition Project Manager & Marketing Coordinator  email

Christina Johnston, Associate Registrar  email

Olivia Desjardins, Associate Exhibition Project Manager & Coordinator of New Project Development  email

Hannah Shambroom, Associate Exhibition Project Manager   email

Chase Carter, Communications Coordinator & Assistant Registrar   email

David Walker, Copy Editor   email

Hillyer Art Space

Miranda Johnson, Gallery Assistant & Events and Programming Coordinator  email

Cultural Exchange Programs

Christopher Sciotto, Program Officer  email

Design Studio

Deanna Luu, Graphic Designer  email

Cherisse Lu, Multimedia Designer  email

Kim Pham, Graphic Designer /  Illustrator  email