Our Services

IA&A’s experienced staff has a thorough and complete understanding of the complex processes involved in organizing national and international traveling exhibitions, and expertly manage every facet of an exhibition’s tour from inception to presentation. We ensure that exhibitions are managed to the maximum benefit of all parties involved: the lenders, the hosting museums, and the viewing public.
IA&A’s full range of services include:

  • Preliminary exhibition development
  • Lender services
  • Marketing/exhibition management
  • Registrar services
  • In-house graphic design
Lender Services

IA&A will tailor services to the lender’s specific objectives and concerns, ensuring that all requirements are met.

  • Personal Service: An exhibition manager is assigned to each exhibition and serves as the point of contact for the duration of the exhibition tour.
  • Project Management:  IA&A serves as the sole representative of the exhibition, working with museum and industry professionals on the lender’s behalf.  IA&A provides support and feedback throughout the exhibition tour, ensuring that the lender’s needs are fulfilled.
  • Flexible Approach: IA&A can offer guidance and accommodate the needs of first-time or experienced lenders.
  • Evaluation: IA&A provides lenders all press clippings, installation shots, attendance figures, and educational and promotional materials for each museum on the tour.
Preliminary Exhibition Development

IA&A provides expertise at every stage of exhibition development:

  • Assessment of the marketing potential of proposed exhibitions.
  • Collaboration with curators to assemble the exhibition’s content.
  • Provide loan contract negotiations and procurements.
  • Locate and assist with collaborating partners (curators, etc.).
  • Coordination of text panel and label production.
  • Creation of educational resource materials for venue programming including lectures, gallery talks and film series.
  • Preparation of exhibitions for international travel (translation of text panels; production of bilingual catalogues; ensure all import/export requirements are met.)
Marketing/Exhibition Management

IA&A’s exhibition managers research potential host museums in the US and abroad, identifying interested venues that also meet exhibition security and environmental requirements.  Our dedicated team maintains databases of museums in the US and abroad, and is in frequent communication with museum personnel.  To promote exhibition availability, we send monthly email communications to more than 7,400 museums, galleries, art centers, and cultural institutions worldwide. Our annual Catalogue of Services, featuring current exhibitions, is mailed to institutions and professional contacts and is distributed at important museum conferences, including the American Alliance of Museums’ annual Meeting & MuseumExpo.

IA&A Exhibition Managers:

  • Develop specific and detailed promotional materials for each exhibition and implement successful marketing campaigns.
  • Present exhibition images and pertinent information on the IA&A website.
  • Prepare CDs of images and pertinent information about the exhibition.
  • Target and promote to specific museums, locations, and interest groups.
  • Ensure that bookings are in accordance with contractual specifications.
  • Prepare all venue contracts with hosting organizations.
  • Assess hosting facilities to guarantee that requirements are met and that all venues adhere to professional museum standards.
  • Ensure that the lender’s objectives for the tour are achieved.
Communications Coordinator

IA&A’s Communications Coordinator liaises directly with each of our hosting venues, managing the distribution of press materials and exhibition content. The Communications Coordinator, in conjunction with the Exhibition Manager:

  • Ensures that each venue is provided with accurate information for their public relation and fundraising activities, including a press kit, exhibition content, and educational materials.
  • Creates a complete press kit including press release template, images and any additional materials provided by lender.
  • Creates text panels and labels for each exhibition, working in concert with the curator.
  • Creates educational resource packets for venue programming, including suggested lectures, gallery talks and film series, when appropriate.
  • Produces a Close-Out Packet for lenders and organizing institutions at the conclusion of the exhibition tour, comprising of press clippings, installation images, attendance figures, and educational and promotional materials from each hosting venue.

IA&A’s registrars ensure that all art work is handled with the highest level of professional care throughout the exhibition tour. Each registrar:

  • Prepares and coordinates lender and individual loan contracts.
  • Completes full registration and documentation of works.
  • Coordinates framing for works.
  • Coordinates packing, crating, transportation, insurance and condition reports for all loans, in accordance to the requirements of lenders.
  • Provides installation and handling instructions for the exhibition.
  • Ensures that works are handled by fine art professionals when shipped, packed, unpacked, and installed.
  • Serves as art courier, when required.
  • Provides feedback and updates regarding the state of works throughout the the tour.
In-House Graphic Design

IA&A’s award-winning Design Studio provides innovative and affordable print and multimedia design for IA&A, art institutions and individuals in the US and abroad.

The Design Studio works closely with IA&A’s Traveling Exhibitions department, providing graphic requirements for successful exhibition tours, including catalogues, brochures, invitations, posters, postcards, CD ROMS, labels, and digital presentations. The Design Studio combines services with writers, editors, website developers and printers for a comprehensive package of services with expert oversight.

IA&A’s design services are also available to any institution in need of branding, catalogues, brochures, educational print materials and Web design for one-time and traveling exhibitions.

Please view the Design Studio’s portfolio here.