Support Communities Through IA&A's Traveling Exhibition Service
Sponsors of IA&A’s Traveling Exhibition Service share a commitment to increasing access to culturally-rich and thought-provoking visual art exhibitions for underserved populations throughout the U.S.

From world-class museums to local libraries, our exhibitions diverse audiences across the nation and the world.

Your sponsorship of our Traveling Exhibition Service helps us offset the full cost of exhibition production and circulation, thus helping America’s small- to medium-sized museums afford a range of diverse exhibitions for their constituents to enjoy.

With over 650 presentations to-date at museums and art institutions across the U.S. and abroad, IA&A’s reach stretches far and wide. Please click here for a list of current exhibitions, and here to view selected past exhibitions.

Support IA&A. Support access to art.

To support our Traveling Exhibition Service, or for more information, please contact:
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