Anna Jane Edmonds (1)

Photo courtesy of Anna Jane Edmonds. 

Discovering the Film Industry in LA

An Interview with J-1 Alumna Anna Jane Edmonds

For someone looking to gain experience in the entertainment industry, Los Angeles is the place to be! For Anna Jane Edmonds, it was the perfect place to spend eighteen months training with Silver Pictures, a film production company in Santa Monica, CA. Keep reading for more on Anna Jane’s experience!

Looking back, what are your thoughts about your experience at Silver Pictures Entertainment?

I had the opportunity to be a part of a large American film production company where the experience I gathered has given me the skills to continue my path in the entertainment industry. This was an invaluable experience and I will reference back to it all the time. I was fortunate to work with amazing people and learn an exceptional amount from them.

What projects are you working on now in Toronto?

I am currently at the end of a horror movie entitled THE HERETICS with Black Fawn Films and I am producing a short science fiction film in July.

What are some of the differences, if any, in working in Los Angeles versus in Toronto?

There are many differences, mainly the access to industry professionals. LA is saturated with film and television whereas Toronto is home to many different industries. There is a lot of talent in Toronto, though, so I am excited to be back!

What advice would you have for someone who is starting a J-1 program?

Say yes to the experiences you are offered in the office, you never know what you can learn from trying a job/task that you don’t think you will like – you never know, you may end up enjoying it!

What does cultural exchange mean to you?

Cultural exchange can mean many different things. It can be argued that Canada and the U.S. are not that culturally different, however I would disagree. There are many similarities but the differences are what makes this type of exchange so valuable. The way the film industry functions in the U.S. is different than in Canada, so my experience of the culture surrounding film in the U.S. will carry me throughout the rest of my career.