Art in Context

The Art in Context series is a collaboration between Cultural Exchange Programs and IA&A at Hillyer to showcase artists and cultural organizations in the broader social, economic, and political context in which they exist.

Art in Context - Iran (2016)
Tile - Art in Context (5)
Art in Context - Iran (2017)
Art in Context - Korea - Tile
Art in Context - Ireland (2016)
Art in Context - Pakistan (2015)
Art in Context - Italy (2017)
Art in Context - Taiwan (2017)

Leadership Lunches

Leadership lunches bring together senior executives from visual and performing arts institutions to explore the opportunities and challenges in building international partnerships.

Networking Events

Mentoring events provide arts managers and policy experts the chance to share advice and build their network.

Reception - Maggiano (2016)
Lunch - Wollesen (2016)
Lunch - Kosinski (2016)