Hosting a J-1 Exchange Visitor
Hosting a J-1 exchange visitor can be a rewarding experience for both the host and the participant. If you have already found an international candidate whom you wish to host at your organization, please direct them here. In all cases, the very first step in the application for J-1 visa sponsorship is for your candidate to complete an online application. This allows IA&A to review their education, experience, and qualifications and determine their eligibility for the J-1 exchange visitor program.  There is no fee to apply; participation fees are not assessed unless the application is approved and the applicant decides to go forward with the sponsorship process.

Host organizations must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be well-established companies and have a fully-developed company website with clear and comprehensive information about the organization and its work.
  • Must provide an internship or training program entailing a minimum of 32 hours per week and maximum 40 hours per week participation.
  • Must provide qualified supervision for the exchange visitor at all times during training hours.
  • A site visit is required if this is the first time that IA&A will be sponsoring a participant at this host organization and site of activity. (More about this below.)
Required Host Documents for Approved Applicants
If your prospective J-1 Exchange Visitor has applied online and been approved for sponsorship through IA&A, they’ll need a few things from you early in the process. The U.S. Department of State requires hosts to provide the following documents and information in order to host an international intern or trainee:

  • Complete the DS-7002 (Training/Internship Placement Plan): This is submitted electronically. Your exchange visitor should provide you with a unique link that will allow you to submit the placement plan for your particular exchange visitor, which they received in their acceptance email.  Please email IA&A for a guide to completing the DS-7002.
  • Staff List: If your company has fewer than 25 full time employees at the time of application, your prospective exchange visitor will need to submit a list with names of your full time staff. If your organization has fewer than 5 full time staff, this list must also include organizational titles and work email addresses.
  • Contact Information for the designated Primary and Secondary supervisors and HR Contact of record: Organizations with 3 or more full time staff members must provide information for 3 separate contacts to fill these roles; a single staff member may not occupy multiple roles.
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance (WCI) Certificate: A copy of your organization’s valid WCI Certificate. While it is not required that the policy covers the exchange visitor, the submission of a valid WCI certificate is a strictly required component of the application process.
  • Site Visit: IA&A performs a site visit to all new sites of activity, without exception. This is to verify that the site has the necessities to provide the proposed internship or training.  If you’re a first time host, a site visit will be required.  Returning hosts who have had a change of address or a new location will also need a site visit.
Completing the DS-7002 (Training/Internship Placement Plan)
Hosts can complete the DS-7002 electronically here. After it is completed, IA&A will send the host organization and the intern or trainee a copy to sign. A guide to completing the DS-7002 is available for hosts. Please email for this guide.

Phases: There must be one phase for every 6 months of training. For example, if the training will last 18 months, there must be 3 phases.

Minimum hours: The Department of State requires that placements be a minimum of 32 hours per week and a maximum of 40 hours per week.

International Arts & Artists abides by the Fair Labor Standards Act. Please follow these guidelines when preparing your placement description.

J-1 Designation

The U.S. Department of State distinguishes a J-1 trainee from a J-1 intern. Trainees have received higher education degrees and one year of work experience, or have at least five years experience in their field. Interns are currently enrolled in and pursuing post- secondary degrees, or have recently graduated. Each type of J-1 visa is limited to a certain number of months.

Expanding Your Global Network
International Arts & Artists acts as an invaluable liaison for organizations in the U.S. and international applicants from all over the world.

IA&A will work with host organizations to find qualified trainees and interns from abroad. At no charge to the host organization, we select and propose high-caliber, dedicated international trainees and interns to train in your organization, having carefully reviewed applicants to ensure a good match. You can review our screening process on this site in the “Application Process” section. 

IA&A will:

  • Transmit placement offer letters.
  • Help you complete the necessary DS-7002 Training/Internship Placement Plan.
  • Prepare Training Agreements that are signed by the applicant and the host.

IA&A also manages the applicant’s visa sponsorship process by:

  • Issuing the Form DS-2019 (Certificate of Eligibility)
  • Ensuring the Exchange Visitor’s health coverage is compliant with Department of State regulations
  • Providing a one-on-one pre-arrival orientation and information via webcam for your exchange visitor
  • Completing the required DS-2019 travel validation for travel abroad during the J-1 program
  • Reviewing requests for changes to the exchange visitor’s program and making approved changes to the exchange visitor’s record.